XDODE | Boost Business Performance

Find new ways to navigate the complexities of your digital journey through custom and off-the-shelf tech.

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XDODE | Boost Business Performance

An interdisciplinary studio developing hybrid applications
to boost business performance.

Enhance your marketing, HR and more. We will develop and configure your web, desktop and mobile applications.


Initial Planning

We use various requirement gathering techniques that work together to allow us to see the bigger picture for the project. Off all the phases the Initial Planning phase necessitates the most engagement and input from the Client.


Analysis & Design

After our first consultation we begin to gather and analyse the requirements of your app. Note that mock-up of website and conceptualisation of user-flows cannot take place until the deposit (50%) has been paid.



We move from prototype to live. This involves numerous feedback cycles where the client is presented with artwork, prototypes, Web Components and various work docs and is invited to give feedback on the configuration of the app.



The final website, application and email hosting is deployed onto an Amazon Web Services, and payments are settled. All technical documents and manuals are finalised and sent to the Client.

Execute your tech strategy

Get Agile

XDODE uses the Rapid Application Development (RAD) project management approach to enhance communication as the team goes about planning, analysing, developing and deploying your project.

The team (client included) works with other stakeholders to design and prototype the product together.

Due to the iterative nature of RAD, the system is continually tested throughout all phases of the project.

When we deploy your app we can now celebrate the success of a project well executed!

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XDODE | Boost Business Performance

Our hyper-competitive digital world

XDODE helps individuals like you succeed in a hyper-competitive digital world. Through our customer insights, we will design and develop technology solutions to boost your business’s performance.


Perfect UI Design

We put great emphasis on user experience, quality and scalability.


Great CSS Animations

Use animation to engage, delight and convert your customers


Corporate Identity

Promote your business's personality with colours and branding


Simple & Complex Contact Forms

Use form wizards so customers can reach you

About us

Let's embrace digital, together

Although XDODE has been running for only three years, the company has only recently begun to see increasing success, with increased online demand for services and queries to its sales@xdode.co.za mail address.

Technology is advancing exponentially, giving rise to cultural, social and productivity change, all whilst costs associated with ICT continue to decrease. Businesses that embrace digital are able to exploit the many opportunities presented by mega technology trends.

XDODE seeks to continue planning, executing and closing complex design projects where many disciplines are required in order to boost business performance.

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Succeed through digital solutions

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Use technology to boost business performance

Flexible Pricing Plans

XDODE offers a variety of rates for each design service. We sometimes encounter design projects that have unique design requirements that require high degree of customisation. In such cases XDODE will negotiate custom rates for design work for the project. Contact sales@xdode.co.za to negotiate flexible rates that speak to your individual requirements.

Web Development

Hybrid HTML, CSS and Python, JavaScript Development for web, mobile, mac, windows apps

  • Email Marketing Campaign Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website/Software Development
  • Website Hosting


Consult on a video strategy, plan and set KPIs with your team. Use industry-standard software to create compelling video and motion graphics in order to convert customers.

  • Media and Graphic Design
  • Consultation and support
  • Video Shoot and post-production and 3D design

Print Design

We have skilled typesetters and designers for printing on various materials. Price may vary depending on scope

  • Catalogue Design
  • Price List Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Annual Report Design
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