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Surviving the oncoming Digital Tsunami of Change

Surviving the oncoming Digital Tsunami of Change

My name is Xola dos Santos and I am the director of the technology start-up XDODE. Today I want to talk about how businesses can understand tech ripple effects related to the Covid-19 pandemic and use agile values to drive effective decision making.

Rethinking Classical Business Models

At XDODE we seek to change the core operations of your business through the transformation of a classic business model to a digital model, allowing teams to work faster and more effectively through the connection of data, process and people in an experiment-driven culture that promotes innovation.

Over the last four years of my early professional career I have been party to many discussions around digital strategy led by senior management, as they formulated plans to increase the competitive positions of their organisations and scale. The unfolding of the pandemic will certainly test the agility and robustness of those plans.

Values-driven approach to Digital Transformation

Companies that have customer-orientated cultures and positive attitudes towards technology will adapt faster in the new reality presented by the pandemic, whilst companies harbouring technophobic leadership will grind to a halt, perhaps even collapse. At XDODE we seek to bridge this gap by supporting digital immigration for traditional companies, in order to boost efficiency and survive the pandemic.

The huge shift in our context due to the pandemic has meant this is not the type of problem that can be resolved through the typical politics that has unfortunately characterised most boardroom discussions. This moment has forced the hand of executives to get out of their comfortable seats and consider the actions and thinking of teams at the frontline: Supervisors, assistants and coordinators.

This workforce segment is at the epicentre of digital transformation as they deliver services and transform materials using various technologies. Given this new reality, a new tech-centric ethical code needs to be adopted in order to direct decision making and ensure coherence across all tiers of your organisation.

So what are some examples of agile values and how can these be used to drive decision making?

1. Accept high levels of uncertainty.

Random events will always confound your best efforts. See these random events as signals, not stop signs. As a data-driven company we use highly analytical tools that don’t require absolute accuracy but allow teams to quickly evaluate initiatives based on input in complex scenarios.

2. Experiment rapidly

Experiment rapidly without losing rigour. Cultivating a culture of experimentation will eliminate poor assumptions about your business’s external environment and also provide an impetus for growth by weeding out bad ideas or operations processes.

3. Contain risks through excellent planning

If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail. Planning is a crucial component to how most organisations mobilise their staff and create a coherent view of future goals. This process might seem time-consuming at first but if done properly can provide important benchmarks to measure the success of activities in your business’s market.

4. Use best-practice praxis

Be sure to research what other leaders have done to solve your problems because you’re likely not the first person to deal with most issues. It’s okay to use other people’s solutions and experience as a starting point in the problem-solving process.

5. Stop doing useless things

The pandemic will put pressure on your operations processes. Now is the best time to stop marketing products that don’t bring in revenues and eliminate processes that amount to pure bureaucracy. This will allow you to free up resources to focus on those activities that contribute to the sustainability of your business as it weathers the storm during the pandemic.

What issues has COVID-19 presented for your business and how did you go about resolving those issues? Let me hear what you have to say in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog HERE. Stay safe!